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      Service Hotliine:+86-710-3802668
      About Us

      Founded in 1998, Xiangyang Jisheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xiangfan city, Hubei, China. At present, Longye is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the research and development of sulfhydyl compounds and organosilicon, with over 50 employees (8 of them are senior engineers, 6 are research and development personnel and 15 are technicians). We sold about RMB 10 million of products in 2005.

      Upholding such operational idea of "Credit and customers are number one priority to Longye" and sticking to such spirit of "Be united and practical, be exploring to advance bravely", Longye is looking forward to cooperating with you for bright future.

      About Us

      Add:No. 2, Tianhe Road, Xiangcheng Economic Development
      Zone, Xiangyang City


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